Monday, January 17, 2011

Clip Chart and Classroom Management!

I have mentioned before that I love scouring the blog-o-sphere for great teacher blogs and websites! It's a great way to get new ideas and to meet educators from all over the map. I was recently directed to this blog through another one that I regularly read and let me tell you I am in love! I wanted to share a link about her classroom management technique that I think would work well for any K-5 classroom. What I have found and believe to be true is that the better prepared you are for your day and your lessons the less you will have to worry about classroom management. I believe that you should consider the needs of every single student when planning a lesson so that you can make sure that you are engaging everyone and are prepared for mishaps along the way. However, as we all know there will undoubtedly be those days or lessons that no matter how well prepared can go awry and lead to necessary classroom management techniques to get the entire class or just that one student back on track! I also firmly believe that while we should always reward good behavior the reward should come from the student feeling good about working hard and feeling successful, and while treasure boxes and treats are fun they should not be the number one motivating factor in good behavior. Having said that I give you the "Clip Chart!" I love that students are rewarded and motivated by good behavior and that positive reinforcement is the tool used to encourage the rest of the class to work hard, rather than negative consequences! Hope you enjoy the clip chart and if you have any other great classroom management techniques you can share with a new teacher please do so!

- Miss V

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